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Autumn School 2018

A series of separate training tracks designed to help equip is in knowing and applying the Bible, delivered over four Tuesdays starting on 11th September 2018. 

Audio and outlines now available each week after the sessions.

Track 1: Four Buzz words of our age – Jon Hobbs

Identity… Equality… Freedom… Love

These words, often in use today, hide so many assumptions about who we are and how we should be. In these sessions we will consider what our culture means by these words and see how the Bible’s explanation of these things is so much wiser and better. Our hope is that this will not only enable us to engage the ideas of those around us but also explain how the gospel really is what we are all crying out for.

1. Identity

2. Equality

3. Freedom
 Audio   Outline

4. Love

Apologies – recording did not work

Track 2: You Should Love your Body – Graham Nicholls

What is the thinking behind wanting to kill the unborn and the unable? How can we justify using our bodies in a different way than they were evidently designed and intended? It’s all to do with the elevating the self as the ultimate God. Based on Nancy Piercey’s Book Love Thy Body we will look at how this separation of body and spirit plays out in the moral choices we are making. We will look at:

1. The autonomous self

 Audio |  Outline

2. The self and the right to life

 Audio |  Outline

3. The self, gender and sexuality

 Audio |  Outline 

4. The self, sex and relationships

 Audio |  Outline


 Track 3: Understanding Anger – Mark Ventham

Using four talks by Christopher Ash from the recent BCUK conference we will look at what it is to be angry, and how we respond biblically. Each session will start by listening to the talk from Christopher and then afterwards we will discuss what this means for us.

1. Look around at an angry world
 Audio |  Outline

2. Leave room for an angry God
 Audio |  Outline

3. Find joy in the peace of Christ
 Audio |  Outline

4. Live wisely in an angry world
 Audio |  Outline

Track 4: Bible overview – Nick McQuaker

One Kingdom, one Plan, one Book – an overview of the whole bible

What is the big message and storyline of the whole Bible?  A foundational series for those who want to get to grips with the Bible plot line from Genesis to Revelation. A great aid to understanding the Bible and having confidence in the Bible as truly God’s book.

1. Kingdom beginnings

 Audio |  Outline

2. Kingdom modelled

 Audio |  Outline

3. Kingdom failure

 Audio |  Outline    Timeline

4. The true kingdom comes

 Audio |  Outline    Timeline


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