Mission Partners

As a church we support cross cultural missionaries in the UK and abroad:

Julian & Nicky Milson

Julian and Nicky Milson work with Crosslinks and are passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus with Spanish people and training up disciples who can advance the gospel for generations to come. They live and work in Valencia (Spain’s third larget city) with their two children, Julian is seconded to the IERE (Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church).

Eric & Ros Barrett

Ros is a former church member who married Eric a director of 4H, a charitable organisation supporting Hungarian speaking Christians, mainly with practical help with church buildings and a literature ministry.

David Hamar & Family

David is a Hungarian Pastor who came to Oxford in 2012 with his family to participate in a one-year course at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) and then returned to Hungary to plant a church in a largely student area of Budapest. Part of our 2012 gift day income was for their support and we have since partnered with them regularly.

Simeon & Gemma Locke

Serving in West Africa amongst Muslims with the mission organisation ‘ReachAcross’.

Richard & Amanda

Living in a Muslim country in Central Asia. They work amongst a particular people group there. They have contact with Hurstpierpoint Church, which is how we came to know them.

Naphtally & Helida Ogallo

Native workers in Eldoret, Kenya, generally a poor area with many needs. Naphtally sends regular prayer letters. We financially supported them for a while but they are not in need of regular support at present but we have given to their building project recently.
Here is a video they have put together about their church.

Adam & Dora Szabados

Pastor of independent evangelical church in Vézprém, Hungary. We have regular contact with him and helped to support Adam when he studied for a Masters Degree in the USA. He is also head of Hungarian group of independent evangelical churches and writes a theological/apologetic blog which has many subscribers.

Neto Ludgero

Ludgero Moraes Neto is involved with Christian leadership training in Brazil. Since 2017, Neto has been connected to Christ Church through the preaching training efforts in Brazil and in 2012 he was even part of our church family at Haywards Heath, when he came to UK to study at the Cornhill Institute in London.

Since 2018, Neto has been connected with “Preach the Word” a ministry from the First Baptist Church of Atibaia (São Paulo state) on the teaching staff. In 2019 he was invited to be on the full-time missionary staff as Preach the Word’s international coordinator.

Neto is now responsible for the outreach project to train pastors and leaders in the principles of biblical exposition in Angola, Mozambique, Cuba and Venezuela as well as the team leader to develop new groups and opportunities for Portugal, Spain and also to reach a many more South American countries.

Neto is married to Juliana and they have three children (Gabriela is 4, Giovana is 2 and Filipe is due in July 2019).

Lion of Judah

Lion of Judah is an indie-pop band from Brighton, England. Experiencing crippling anxiety, musician Josh Bannister did what he’d never done before: he wrote songs to God. Together with Isaac Bannister, Dave Blight, Adam Nicholls, and Matthew Knight, Josh created a brand of music virtually unheard of in the UK. By putting on shows, touring across the country, and landing various festivals, Lion of Judah introduced themselves to the Christian genre and showed the genre what it could be.
After finding a partnership with Gospel Song Records, Lion of Judah began writing their debut full length. Each of their releases promises something new and unexpected, and their latest endeavor, entitled Closer, is no exception. The rock meets indie-pop record is an ode to intimacy; it throws traditional worship music out the window, opting instead for bright instrumentation with subtle nods to influences like Phil Collins and The 1975. The project highlights a man desperate for communion with God, with unabashed and sincere lyrics that beckon deep reflection.
Believing in the contagious nature of honesty, Lion of Judah utilizes transparency to stir it up in others. And their uniquely British tone—from the grittiness in their lyrics to the very style of Bannister’s vocals—illuminates a group determined to employ every facet of themselves in their

Partner organisations

Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC)

We are affiliated to the FIEC, which is a family of over 500 UK churches united by the gospel and by a common purpose. As part of our involvement with the FIEC we are aligned to their heart to help independent local churches thrive so that we might see the gospel of Jesus making a difference throughout our nation.

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Affinity is a fellowship of about 1200 Churches across the United Kingdom, evangelical Agencies and Christians. Through our fellowship in Affinity we seek to express the unity that all God’s people enjoy because they belong to Jesus Christ.

Graham Nicholls, one of our pastors, is also the directory of Affinity.

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Sussex Gospel Partnership (SGP)

SGP is a partnership of Bible-centred churches in Sussex working together to train leaders, strengthen and plant churches, and advance the gospel. We are one of more than 50 churches and individual ministers with a shared vision of Bible-centred churches working together to strengthen and expand gospel ministry. The Sussex Gospel Partnership is now part of a growing network of gospel partnerships around the country.

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Brighton and Hove City Mission (BHCM)

BHCM cares practically and spiritually for many of the needs in Brighton and Hove. They currently serve through three teams, and all the services they provide are given unconditionally to any who have a need. Each year they work with thousands of lives across the city, often working in partnership with others, including churches, schools, charities, and the local authority. As a church we take regular collections for the work of the Brighton and Hove City Mission food bank – you will find a ‘food bank’ at our services where you can make food donations such as tinned food, instant coffee, cereal and toiletries.

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AMEN Trust

AMEN is a conduit for channelling resources to many overseas Christians working to make a difference in their own countries. As a church we have had Gareth Bolton come to speak a few times and we support the AMEN Trust Christmas Shoebox appeal.

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