The Good Creator’s Guide to Sex: Sex By Design

Graham Nicholls

Week 1 of our short series on sex and sexuality.

This week we look at the foundations in creation of how we are to understand what it is to be human.

God made us male and female
(Gen 1:27-31)
Man and woman are the crowning glory of creation. They are different by design and that is “very good”
God made us to enjoy sexual intimacy
(Gen 2:18-23)
Sex is God’s design, part of God’s good creation. Song of Songs 4:1-5:1 shows discrete but clear language about the delight of a man and a woman with each other.
God made us to enjoy sexual intimacy in Marriage
(Gen 2:24,25; 4:1)
Becoming “one flesh” includes sexual union, as symbolising, expressing and strengthening the union bringing two people together in a single unit. To disconnect sex and marriage is deceptive and damaging. Sex needs to be selfless. Courtship is preparation not practice.
Marriage is a picture of Christ and the Church
(Ephesians 5:22-33)
Christ loves us unconditionally and faithfully

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