Promises (2 Samuel 7:1 to 17)

Graham Nicholls

An Everlasting Kingdom

The promise of God here is one of the most significant moments in OT history

Narrative slows down – this chapter God’s words and David’s response


1. David’s Desire to Build a House for God

  • David wants to be build somewhere for the ark of the covenant to rest in his new capital city Jerusalem
  • Nathan assumed it was a great idea but God says no
  • God has always been with his people and with David
  • God promises to bless David and give the people rest

2. God’s Promise to Build a House For David

  • God says you want to build a ‘house’ for me, but I’m going build a ‘house’ for you (11)
  • The house God’s builds will be from David’s offspring and will last forever
  • This is often called the Davidic Covenant – connects with Abraham and Moses

(Psalm 89:1-4)

3. The Promise to David is Fulfilled in Jesus

  • This promise was the basis of hope in the OT prophets

(Isaiah 9:1-7; 11:1-16; 16:5; 55:3 Jeremiah 23:5-6; 30:8; 33:15-26; Ezek 34:23-24; 37:24,25; Hos 3:5; Amos 9:11; Zech 12:7,8)

  • The silence of 400 years is broken as the angel announces the arrival of the promised king

(Luke 1:29-33; Luke 2:4)

  • 2 Samuel 7 became the most significant OT scripture in shaping Christian understanding of Jesus
  • God’s kingdom defines all history

4. This Covenant promise flows from the grace of God

  • God takes the initiative to travel with his people
  • God establishes the kingdom of David and grants his people rest
  • His covenant love is the basis of our salvation and we can rest on that today

5. This Kingdom Will Last Forever

  • Death will not annul this promise
  • Sin will not wipe out this promise
  • Time will not exhaust this promise
  • (Daniel 2:44; 4:3, 34; 6:26; 7:13,14, Rev 11:15 22:5)


Are you part of this kingdom, do you know the king?

To listen to Graham Nicholls preaching from 2 Samuel 7:1-17 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 18th May 2014 use the link below.

Series: 2 Samuel (2014)

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