Isaiah 25:1 to 26:1 : A strong city

Nick McQuaker

A strong city

  • The song of the saved.
  • The mountain of satisfaction.
  • The song of the secure.

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Questions for discussion in Community Groups

Chapter 25 verses 1 to 5

1. Compare verse 1 with 14:24-27 – how should these verses shape our view of ‘world events’?

2. What do verses 3 to 5 tell us about God’s purpose in destroying the city of verse 2?

3. What does this city represent? (see also 24:7-12; 26:5 and Revelation 18)

4. Why is its destruction a ‘marvellous thing’, a cause of praise?

Chapter 25 verses 6 to 12

5. Why do people hold feasts and banquets? Why is it an appropriate image to express the Christian’s hope?

6. How does the New Testament take up this feasting imagery? (e.g. in Matt 8:10-12; Rev 19:6-9)

7. How is death finally swallowed up for ever? (see 1 Cor 15:50-57)

8. How does verse 8 encourage us?

9. Verse 9 anticipates the vindication, not simply of faith, but of ‘waiting with expectation’ (the meaning of the word translated ‘trust’ in the NIV). What does it mean to ‘wait’ for for these things?

10. What is the warning of verses 10-12? How is it a challenge to us?

Chapter 26:1-6

11. What difference does it make to be able to say now ‘we have a strong city’? (v1)

12. How do the people of this world try to find peace? How is the peace of verse 3 different? Have you experienced this peace?

13. How can we help each other to keep ‘a steadfast mind, trusting in the Lord’? (v3-4)

14. How does trust/faith spring from hope (see Col 1:5), and so connect verse 4 to 25:6-8?


Series: Isaiah (2015)

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