Forsaken (John 18:15 to 27)

Mark Ventham

How does someone go from being prepared to lose his life for Jesus to denying he even knew him? Peter might be able to tell you.  He did it.  In John 18 Peter, after his enthusiasm to fight for Jesus, is now following at a distance.  He stands with the rest of the world outside of the room where Jesus is being interrogated.  It’s a symbol of how for this moment he stands apart from Jesus, and perhaps that explains his easy denials.  How close are you to Jesus?

Meanwhile Jesus himself answers with boldness and truth.  A complete contrast to Peter.  We are thankful that he does this for Peter and for us, but at the same time we do want to make every effort to stand with him.

To listen to Mark Ventham preaching from John 18:15-27 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 26th February 2012 use the player above..

Series: John (2012)

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