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Thought for the Day – The Lord Don’t Change at All!

Nathan Severs shares his Thought For The Day reminding us of the unchanging nature of God.

Overnight we had May’s full moon, the final supermoon of this year apparently! You might have watched one of my previous thoughts for the day about 4 weeks ago when I talked about the importance of enjoying God’s creation in the context of April’s supermoon. 

This made me think an obvious thought – I only have obvious thoughts: God continues to sustain His creation; He has caused the moon to continue to orbit the earth at over 2000 miles per hour as well as the Earth to keep turning and orbiting the sun. In the 28 or so days since the last full moon, I’m sure lots has changed – your patience levels, the state of your home, your thoughts about the efficacy about the lock down and much more. 

But one thing hasn’t changed. God hasn’t changed. As I was reminded of this, I was reminded of the Colin Buchanan children’s song we sometimes sing – ‘The Lord don’t change at all’. Grammatical errors aside, this song is a great reminder of this great truth. It picks up God’s words about himself in Malachi 3 verse 6 – “For I the Lord do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed.” 

As God’s people, we are recipients of His promises to us. We can be certain we will not be consumed. Whatever may happen in our lives and throughout this coronavirus pandemic, God’s promises to us still stand. And we can trust that our unchanging God will bring those promises to fulfilment.

So what is the summary of these promises? Eternal life, free of pain and suffering, full of joyous worship of our great and unchanging God. Eternal life to all those who call on the name of the Lord, all those who trust that Jesus’ death paid the price due for our sin that we could never pay, all those who believe that Jesus’ resurrection confirmed all that he said and did beforehand.

Why not spend some time today praising our unchanging, promise keeping God?

You and I change, the world changes but the Lord don’t change at all!

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  1. Tony Howard | 9 May, 2020

    Thanks, Nathan. Great reminder to praise God for His unfailing, unchanging love, and that, while He is judge, our sins are covered and we are not consumed.

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