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Thought for the day – springtime for your soul

‘At Christ Church we have recently completed a long series in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah which began last October. This thought is the second of some very edited highlights from the series with some ideas of my own. If after listening to this brief thought why not check out Graham’s sermon preached way back on October 27th 2019 to get the full story? (link below) .’

Here is the a link to the sermon The pleas of a scorned husband

And here, the songs

When in the spring the flowers
Are blooming bright and fair
After the grey of winter’s gone
Once again the lark begins its tuning
Back in the meadows of my home

Lord to my heart bring back the springtime
Take away the cold and dark of sin
O refill me now sweet Holy Spirit
May I warm and tender be again
Lord make me like that stream
That flows so cool and clear
Down from the mountains high above
I will tell the world that wondrous story
Of the precious stream filled with Your love

    a constant, heavenly calm;
    a light to shine upon the road
    that leads me to the Lamb!
  2. Where is the blessing that I knew
    when first I saw the Lord?
    Where is the soul-refreshing view
    of Jesus and his word?
  3. What peaceful hours I once enjoyed!
    How sweet their memory still!
    But they have left an aching void
    the world can never fill.
  4. The dearest idol I have known-
    however much adored-
    help me to tear it from your throne
    and worship you as Lord.
  5. So shall my walk be close with God,
    my mind serene and calm;
    so purer light shall mark the road
    that leads me to the Lamb.

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