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Stop the cull

This week another phase of the controversial badger cull started. Badgers are being shot because some of them carry tuberculosis which can infect livestock.
I can’t enter into the scientific arguments about whether this is a good way to deal with the problem of TB but what struck me about some of the protesters interviewed and people phoning radio stations was that people spoke in moral terms.
They said things like “the badgers don’t deserve this… it’s so unfair on them.”

There was even a BBC Radio discussion about what is the value of a badger’s life — not the economic value, but more to do with how much people care about them.

Meanwhile the cull of human beings for our safety and convenience continues. This week there was a story of Doctors carrying out abortions because the babies were the wrong gender. Let alone all the abortions on the grounds of convenience – technically justified in law as “injury to the mental health of the pregnant woman.”

abortion_3Around 500 unborn babies per day have their lives terminated and are flushed down the drain.

The sad thing is that I think there’s more chance of stopping the badger cull by protest than the relentless advance of murder by prescription. There seems to be more people concerned about the rights of badgers than babies.

God says we are responsible for taking care of the world, including the badgers. They do have rights but this does not include the right to life. Men and women however, because of their special relationship with God should have their lives protected and preserved from the moment of conception.

God forgive us and help us to stop the cull.

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