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Simon – my God story

In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.  Since that time he has actively sustained them and one day he will transform them into something far better.  That is the pattern for my ‘God Story’ and indeed, for everyone’s ‘God Story’.  A past creation (conversion), a present sustaining (providence), and a future transforming (life after death).

I was converted at around the age of 18.  In hindsight I can see many ways in which God worked to bring me to that point in time.  I went to a Church of England primary school and later in my childhood my mother started attending what is now a United Reformed Church.  My brother and I were taken along and we attended Sunday School and church for a number of years.

When I was at senior school and around the age of 16 I learnt about a weekend youth camp being run by the local Baptist Church.  With my best friend, our tent (we had already done some camping together), and our trusty motorbikes, off we went.  I was totally captivated by the Bible teaching, personal testimonies and singing, and from that point, never looked back!

I started attending the Baptist Church and went along to as many meetings as I could.  I now realise that I was trying to soak up as much as possible and in effect fill a void that had been there since my childhood.  In the fullness of time I came to faith and was baptised.

This was not only a great thing in itself but also a great preparation for my adult life.  In particular it gave me a deep awareness of God’s ongoing sustaining of what was now my new life in him.  Through college, travels, career, marriage, and bringing up a family he has consistently guided, provided and protected.  He has faithfully done so for nearly 50 years.  One of his great provisions has been the church that I currently attend which has been an immense source of support and learning as well as a place to serve.

With the greater part of my time on this earth behind me I have a growing awareness of the prospect of entering the new creation.  My ‘God Story’ will not end in death, but death will be the gateway to a new and eternal era that will be far better.


  1. Stephen Nicholls | 12 Nov, 2019

    thanks Simon, very encouraging.

  2. Anthony James Howard | 12 Nov, 2019

    Well said, Simon. Like me, you had the priilege of early Church attendance – learning although you weren’t aware of it. God built on that. He destined you for glory.

  3. Caroline J | 12 Nov, 2019

    Wonderful 🙂

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