Work for the glory of God

Graham Nicholls

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Work for the Glory of God

(Gen 1:27-2:15; Col 3:22-24)

  1. Cultural context
  • work is good, leisure is bad: you rest to work
  • Work is necessary evil leisure is good


  1. Created for work (Gen 1:27-29; 2:1,2, 15)
  • Adam & Eve given task to subdue, rule, care and guard, discover, categorise
  • Bible commends hard work and condemns laziness (Proverbs 6:6-11; 1 Thess 4:11-12


  1. Created for rest (Gen 2:1-3 / Deut 5:12-15)
  • Rest after work is modelled by and commanded by God
  • It is time to cease work and to remember our God


  1. Cursed in work and rest (Gen 3:17-19)

Fallen in work

  • We work selfishly and can exploit others
  • The world seems to work against us

Fallen in rest

  • We can make an idol of rest or ignore it all together
  • We can be too busy for God


  1. Redeemed in work and rest

All work has meaning so we work hard (1 Cor 10:31; Col 3:22)

  • Be diligent and honest as workers and fair as employers
  • honour our superiors
  • treat our workmates with kindness and respect
  • expose fraud or dishonesty
  • avoid complaining or grumbling
  • refuse to make work and money our idols (Matt. 6:24; Ecc. 5:10-12).
  • plan diligently for the future (Prov. 21:5).
  • live simply and give generously (Prov. 22:9; 1 Tim. 6:17-19).
  • approach every task spiritual values: Showing grace and forgiveness and gospel priorities

Rest because you trust God to run the world without you

  • We delight in God’s creation
  • We rejoice in our salvation
  • God is glorified when we rest from work (Deut. 5:13-15; Ps. 46:10)


  1. We work and rest in hope
  • In the new creation we will delight in glorifying God through work and service (Isaiah 65:21-22)



Series: One Off

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