United Hearts (1 Samuel 20:1 to 42)

Graham Nicholls

In the committed friendship between Jonathan and David we learn something about friendship but a lot about the character of God’s loving covenant. God makes a Covenant showing unfailing kindness. We deserve wrath, he shows mercy. He seals the Covenant with the sacrifice of Christ.

The outcome is peace and eternal friendship.

To listen to Graham Nicholls preaching from 1 Samuel 20 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 17th November 2013 use the link below.

Here also, are the main questions for Community Groups this week

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1. Was there anything you didn’t understand about the meaning of the bible text or about the way it was applied to the Christian life?

2. What was said in the sermon that made an impact on you? How did you feel about what was said?

3. Give some examples of Covenant language in this chapter

4. How does the idea of Covenant help you understand God and your salvation in Christ?

5. How does God’s Covenant give you comfort?

6. How are your friendships with people in the church? Are you committed to them before the Lord as David and Jonathan were committed to one another?

Series: 1 Samuel (2013)

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