Titus 2:9 to 15 : How to be godly in a godless age

Jon Hobbs

How to be godly in a godless age

Paul’s letter to Titus, truth that transforms.

  • Make the teaching of God attractive.
  • Three ways grace does this:
    • A perspective to encourage us.
    • A power to enable us.
    • A purpose to enthuse us.


To listen to Jon Hobbs preaching at Christ Church on Sunday morning 13th September 2015 use the player below

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Questions to contemplate

1. How should you THINK differently?

2. What should deepen your LOVE of God?

3. What should you COMMIT to in response?


We also have the recording from Saturdays teaching from Titus 2:1-8 by Jon but this was done on a phone so apologies for the sound quality.

player above.

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