The King anointed (1 Samuel 9:1 to 10:27)

Graham Nicholls

These chapters introduce us to Saul, who on the face of it, is just the sort of king that the people are asking for: he is from a noble family and he is tall – a real advantage if you’re going to lead them in battle.

To listen to Graham Nicholls preaching from 1 Samuel 9 and 10 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 11th August 2013 use the link below.

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Below are the questions for community groups

1. Was there anything you didn’t understand about the meaning of the bible text or about the way it was applied to the Christian life?

2. How is God’s grace shown in these chapters? How do we get the idea that God is working in spite of their wrong thinking?

3. Why don’t we cast lots to choose our church leaders?

4. How has God shown his grace to you?

5. What difference does it make that God is always at works in all the small details of our lives. If there is no such thing as co-incidence what does that mean for your dignity, purpose and security?

6. How does the fact that we need to Holy Spirit to be at work affect your Christian witness and Christian service?

7. What does Saul’s good start but less positive ending teach us about the Christian life?[/box]

Series: 1 Samuel (2013)

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