Narrow door, wide mission (Luke 13:22 to 35)

Mark Ventham

Mark Ventham preaching from Luke 13:22 to 35 on Sunday morning 29th April 2018



Our apologies, this was a only a partial recording with 18 mins of the sermon. The full outline is below

1. Make every effort to enter the kingdom v22-30
Make every effort does not mean we need to do more but that we need to listen to him, the only way to God and to respond in repentance and faith
The door is narrow. There is only one way – faith in Jesus
The Door will be closed and it will be too late to make the effort then
The Jews arrogantly refused to listen, they thought they were ok
Trusting in anything other than Jesus will leave you standing outside
Now is the time to respond
Keep on making the effort – we will always need Jesus

2. Make every effort to enter the kingdom v22-30
There will be unexpected guests
Gentiles in, Jews out

3. Jesus presses on to Jerusalem so we can enter the Kingdom v31-35
Jesus will complete His mission
He will press on to do so
In-spite of the coming rejection/ death
Jesus’ great compassion shines through
Like a hen, he yearns to lay down his life for Jerusalem but they will reject his mercy
Either now or on Judgement day they will acknowledge Jesus as King
Are we concerned for the lost like Jesus?

Series: Luke (2018)

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