Made male and female (Genesis 1:26 to 2:25)

Graham Nicholls

To listen to the sermon of Graham Nicholls preaching on Sunday morning 3rd February 2018 use the player above.


Summary and Questions for Community Groups

  • God made male and female – alike
  • God made male and female – different
  • we are different
  • this is good
  • we all need to be reformed in the image of Christ


1. How did God make us alike? What are the implications?

2. How did God make us different? Are these differences of role or just observable biological and psychological traits? How much are we culturally conditioned?

3. How does God’s common grace relate to how you affirm goodness and show love even in relationships which you believe distort the image God?

4. How would you respond to your friend, parent, or child claiming to trapped in the wrong body (biological gender)?

5. Is feminism a good thing? Why, or why not?

6. How can we tell the good story of God’s design and how we can be remade in the image Christ to someone struggling in these areas?


Series: Genesis (2018)

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