Isaiah 26:1 to 27:1 : A waiting people

Nick McQuaker

A waiting people

  • A heart-felt yearning for the Lord (26:7-11).
  • A humble looking to the Lord (26:12-18).
  • A sure confidence in the Lord (26:19-27:1).

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Questions for discussion in Community Groups

1. Has anything from Isaiah 24 to 27 particularly struck you or surprised you during the mini-series on these chapters?

2. Is there anything you have not understood or have found difficult to accept?

Chapter 26 verses 7 to 11

3. As Christians, we are waiting for the glorious appearing of Jesus (Titus 2:13). Why should we eagerly be waiting for his appearing according to Isaiah 26 verses 8 and 9?

4. Verse 10 speaks of the grace of God being met with an uncomprehending mind (they do not learn), perversity of will (they go on doing evil; evil = ’wrong, that which deviates’) and spiritual blindness (they do not regard the majesty of the Lord). How true is this to your own experience of ‘the people of the world’?

5. In what way might God’s judgements coming upon the earth cause people to learn righteousness? (v9cd)

Chapter 26 verses 12 to 18

6. How did the history of Israel (v13-15) demonstrate the truth of verse 12?

7. How should this truth about God shape our thinking?

8. How did the history of Israel (v16-18ab) demonstrate the truth of the second half of verse 18?

9. How should this truth about us shape our thinking and behaviour?

Chapter 26:19-27:1

10. What events do these four verses refer to?

11. What helps us believe that the event of v19 will happen? (see 1 Thess 4:13-16)

12. How can we hide from the coming wrath? (v20)

13. Why is the judgement of v21 a good thing? (see, for instance, Rev 6:9-11)

14. Why is 27 verse 1 a great comfort for God’s people?

Series: Isaiah (2015)

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