Imagine: What your gospel priorities might look like

Graham Nicholls

Imagine: What your gospel priorities might look like

This short series about connecting our relationship with God and everyday life.

Affections- Where is your heart?
Allegiance – Who is your king?
Ambition – What do you want to do?
Action – What are your priorities?

  • Plan how to reflect kingdom priorities.
  • Plan enjoying God.
  • Plan being a lively church member.
  • Plan to serve your family.
  • Plan your budget with kingdom priorities.

To listen to Graham Nicholls preaching at Christ Church on Sunday morning 15th February 2015 use the player above..

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Questions for discussion in Community Groups

We need to decide what it important and plan our lives around that. Our Primary AFFECTION should be for the Kingdom of God (19-23). The thing we set our hearts on is to know God and be in relationship with our heavenly Father through Christ’s work. Our Primary ALLEGIANCE is as soldiers in the Kingdom of God (24). Not to have divided loyalties –everything else comes second place.
Our Primary AMBITION is for the Kingdom of God to prosper (33). Our number 1 priority is to seek God’s kingdom. This should work its way into how we live our lives – might need some planning!

1. Was there anything that particularly struck you from the sermon? Did it raise questions for you that you’d like to discuss?

2. Are mission statements biblical? What can we learn from statements of intention in the Bible? (Micah 6: 8; Matthew 5: 16; John 17: 3; Rom 1:11-15; Phil 1: 20 – 21; 3: 8 – 11 3: 13 – 14).

3. How might you articulate your mission statement and how would you then connect it to some of the big decisions you have made?

4. How can we help one another get to know God better? How does the church connect with your mission?

5. What are the challenges you face balancing attending gatherings of the church and serving in the church with all your other responsibilities and the need for rest? How do you seek to come to decisions about these things?

6. What sometimes stops you doing the things that you think are important?

7. What can we do to help our families learn what are the important things in life?[/box]

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