Imagine: A gospel shaped work

Graham Nicholls

Imagine: A gospel shaped work

This short series about connecting our relationship with God and everyday life.

1. Creation and work

We are made for work and rest, like God.

God works and rests and sets the pattern for us. Humans have unique role to rule and care for the world which includes every legitimate occupation.

2. Curse and work

The fall of Genesis 3 effects everything including our main occupations.

For ourselves there is selfishness, weakness competitiveness and exploitation.

Creation resists our rule – weeds grow and everything decays.

Thinking people realise that our best work without God is ultimately pointless (Ecc 2:17).

3. Christians at Work

We are to work for the Lord (Col 3:22).

All categories of work, paid or unpaid can be done for the glory of God.

We are to work with all our hearts – work hard and humbly enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Approach every job with spiritual values (we do it for the Lord, aware of his eye on us).

Take the gospel to work – integrity, grace forgiveness, prayerfulness, care and love for others.

Be contented with the job G given you for now but if you can change think how you can serve the Lord and the community best with your particular gifts.

Make the most of not being in paid work!

  • Work with spiritual realism

Be realistic about the effects of living in a fallen world in the workplace – sometime things will be very difficult.

Beware the danger of making work your god and saviour.

Need a balance between paid work, other work, family life, rest, serving together, learning from God’s word – wisdom from God needed, because this doesn’t happen naturally!

We don’t devote ourselves to jobs, hobbies, families but to the Lord.

  • Work in Hope

You may not make name for yourself, or have a substantial pension but through your connection with Christ you will have an inheritance that will last.

In the new creation we will delight in glorifying God through work and service (Isaiah 65:21-22).

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