Gospel Partnership (1 Corinthians 16:1 to 24)

Graham Nicholls

Gospel Partnership

Living in the light of the Cross and resurrection gospel hearted Christians are to work in partnership within and between churches. There should be generous giving to support the needs of fellow believers and gospel ministry; real fellowship; devoted service and affectionate love.

To listen to Graham Nicholls preaching at Christ Church on Sunday morning 30th August 2015 use the player above..

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Questions for discussion in Community Groups

1. What are the characteristics of giving mentioned here by Paul (at least 3). Can you add any others from the NT?

2. How do we decide how much to give to Christian work and helping the needs of others and what should we prioritise on in our giving?

3. What are the doubts or fears you might have about other Christians or other churches?

4. How can leaders serve best?

5. How could you refresh the soul of your brother or sister in Christ?

6. What’s the cultural equivalent of the holy kiss? More seriously how can we show affection and tender care appropriately in our cultural setting?

7. How do we do everything in love?

Series: 1 Corinthians (2015)

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