God sets the time (Ecclesiastes 3:1 to 22)

Mark Ventham

There is a time for everything… God has made everything beautiful… eternity… there is time for judgment… who knows what happens next?




1. Know your place… God is in charge of time NOT you (vv1-15)

God has set time against us that we might fear Him

2. Know your place…God is in charge of judgment… NOT YOU (vv16-17)

A day of judgement will take place, where wrongs are righted

Guaranteed by Jesus’ resurrection – Acts 17:30ff

3. Know your place…God is in charge of of judgment and creation, NOT YOU v18-22

God ‘tests’ us that we might know our place

Death is the great equaliser

We cannot fathom on our own what happens next

But Jesus knows

To listen to Mark Ventham preaching at Christ Church on Sunday morning 25th September 2016 use the player above.

Series: Ecclesiastes (2016)

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