God sees everything, knows everything

Mark Ventham

At our all age service we looked at two more basic questions about God:

Can you see God?
No, I cannot see God, but he always sees me

Does God know all things?
Yes, nothing can be hidden from God

We thought about the extent of the knowledge of God that it was comprehensive and did not require any learning on God’s part. It means he knows us completely, which in some ways is a great comfort but in other ways it frightens us. God knows all our secrets.

Thank God that knowing us, he still sent His one and only Son to die for people just like us so that we can know him, and spend our lives and eternity getting to know him better.

To listen to Mark Ventham preaching at Christ Church on Sunday morning 10th July June 2011 use the player above..



Series: AllAge (2011)

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