Glory Departs (1 Samuel 4:1 to 22)

Mark Ventham

In this chapter God’s people Israel were defeated twice even with the symbol of God’s presence the ark of the covenant being with them for the second battle.

In this we saw the foolishness of God’s people, the faithfulness of God’s Judgement and the flight of God’s Presence and glory which although terrible had gracious purposes.

To listen to Mark Ventham preaching from 1 Samuel 4 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 7th July 2013 use the link below.

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Below are the questions for community groups

What was wrong with the Israelites taking the ark into battle with them?

How are we prone to ‘rabbit-foot’ theology, and to treating God in this manner?

What might be wrong with 24 hour prayer vigils and the like? What could be right about

How does the writer emphasize the fulfilment of God’s word to judge?

How does knowing God is faithful in judgement both comfort and challenge you?

How is God’s judgement and grace shown in the removal of his presence?

Do you ever experience a loss of sense of God’s presence? What might be some of
the reasons for this?

We must never become complacent to think that ‘Ichabod’ could not be written above
the doors of Christ Church. What might lead to this happening? What do we need to avoid
and do to ensure this never becomes reality?[/box]

Series: 1 Samuel (2013)

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