Corporate Confession (Nehemiah 9 to 12)

Robert Fernandez

In chapters 9 to 12 we discover that the Word of God has been having a growing effect on the people. Following the 2 mandatory Jewish feasts in chapter 8 the people now meet together on a voluntary basis. They come prepared in heart attitude for further study of the scriptures and this leads to confession and worship.

The people then make a solemn commitment to follow the Law of Moses in general and especially as it applies to those sins that
get them down time and again. They pledge to make the Lord’s work their main priority.

They find their resolution immediately tested as they draw lots to see who will be uprooted from their current homes to move to Jerusalem.

When the people meet to dedicate the rebuilt wall it becomes clear that the Lord has been at work rebuilding and transforming
them and they celebrate and rejoice with thanksgiving.

To listen to Robert Fernandez preaching from Nehemiah chapters 9 through 12 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 30th December 2012 use the link below.

Series: Nehemiah (2012)

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