Christ Church Community Groups

Christ Church Community Groups were launched in September 2012.

The talks given at the Tuesday training sessions and the PowerPoint Pesentations will appear here as they are given

Session 6 – Belonging: how do we all get involved?

Session 5 – Rhythms: What are we actually going to do each week?

Session 4 – Connecting the gospel with the wider community – how the church community can live and speak the gospel

Session 3 – Understanding the wider community – how do we relate to the people around us?

Session 2 – Growing together – pastoral care and discipleship as an essential part of community life

Session 1 – The Church Living in Community – what’s new?

[box type=”shadow”]Coming soon:

16th October: Rhythm – what are we going to actually do each week?

23rd October: Belonging – helping us all to have ownership and involvement

Series: CommunityGroupTraining (2012)

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