As you were (1 Corinthians 7 v 17 to 40)

Graham Nicholls

As you were

Paul calls us to live as believers wherever God has called us. Social status doesn’t define you, following God is what counts. We need to be transformed in our thinking about our social status and contended to serve God where we are not where we would prefer to be. We also saw the spiritual benefits of singleness; but that it’s not a sin to marry and if you are married you should not seek to change that using your faith as justification.

But in all life choices we need to consider what will serve the Lord best. This may involve sacrifice.

  • Redemption and social status.
    • Be transformed in your thinking.
    • Be active in your calling.
  • Redemption and relationship status.
    • Think about singleness.
    • Think about your gospel priorities.

To listen to Graham Nicholls preaching at Christ Church on Sunday morning 1st March 2015 use the player above..

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Questions for discussion in Community Groups

1. How does this section connect with the earlier part of 1 Corinthians 7 and with the ending of 1 Cor 6:20?

2. What does it mean to say we have been redeemed? (See also Peter 1:18-21) . What are the implications for our status, our dignity and our goals?

3. Can you think of equivalents today to the circumcision and slavery issues – cultural social or religious status markers or divisions?

4. How can you apply Paul’s teaching in v17-24 to your own situation?

5. What might Paul be talking about to when he refers to the “present crisis” (24-28)?

6. Does the church cater well for single people? What could we do better?

7. We may need to go without legitimate good things so we can serve Christ better. Are you prepared to do that? Give some examples!


Series: 1 Corinthians (2015)

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