An insecure heart (1 Samuel 18:1 to 19:24)

Graham Nicholls

David comes into King Saul’s Court but it the most dangerous place he has ever been. However the Lord is with him and that makes all the difference and all Saul’s plans to get rid of him are thwarted. Instead Saul’s son, his daughter and his people all see David as the true anointed one. How are you responding to God’s anointed king, Jesus? Are you rejecting him like Saul? Will you accept him as the rightful king in your place and pledge your allegiance to him?

To listen to Graham Nicholls preaching from 1 Samuel 18 and 19 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 3rd November 2013 use the link below.

Here also, are the main questions for Community Groups this week

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1. How are you challenged to recognising God gifting and equipping others? Do you find it difficult?

2. David is a picture of Jesus but also a man of faith. How does he demonstrate his faith here?

3. The statement was made in the sermon “if you have not met a Jesus who is a threat to your self-rule and self-righteousness” What do you think about that?

4. How do we need to challenge the faulure to recognise Jesus as king in ourselves?

5. What do we learn from the fact that all Saul’s plans came to nothing and he ends chapter 19 utterly humiliated?


Series: 1 Samuel (2013)

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