A gracious heart (1 Samuel 26:1 to 25)

Mark Ventham

David shows honour to Saul because he trusts God will in the end bring about his purposes and bless the righteous. Saul has been a fool with his life and even now he is rueful but not really repentant.

To listen to Mark Ventham preaching from 1 Samuel 26 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 2nd February 2014 use the link below.

Here also, are the main questions for Community Groups this week:

1. Was there anything you didn’t understand from the sermon or about the way it was

applied to the Christian life?

2. Why did David not allow Abishai to kill Saul?

3. Why did David obey God’s command?

4. When do we find it difficult to obey? Can you think of predicaments where you have had

to obey but did not know the end result, rather you had to obey in faith? How did it make

you feel? What was difficult, easy about obeying in that situation?

5. How was David’s faith encouraged? Why would that have encouraged him at that point?

6. How has God encouraged your faith? When did he do it?

7. How did Saul treat David unjustly? Why was it so serious? How did David respond?

8. Can you think of situations where you have been treated unjustly? How did you


9. Why do we find it hard to entrust God in such a situation?

10. How does Jesus example encourage us?

11. What was it from the sermon or tonight that impacted you the most? What will you now

do as a result?

Series: 1 Samuel (2014)

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