A Godless heart (1 Samuel 27:1 to 28:2)

Graham Nicholls

God is absent from David’s thinking but God has not changed or gone anywhere. We see the great danger in looking inside ourselves or elsewhere for answers and yet at the same time there is the grace of God at work . God is so gracious to us he even allows us to serve and succeed when we are faltering in our faith, but things only turn around for David when he starts talking to God again.

To listen to Graham Nicholls preaching from 1 Samuel 27 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 16th February 2014 use the link below.

Here also, are the main questions for Community Groups this week:

1. What is the contrast between the way David speaks in Chapter 26 and in chapter 27?

2. What things did you notice about David’s expectation for the future? How does this help us explain that there is no reference to God in this Chapter? How do we understand what David is doing here?

3. In what ways do you feel God will not really protect you and that we need to come up with some schemes to protect yourself?

4. What should David have done in these circumstances? What can we do?

5. Where might you look for security or seek approval?

6. How is God gracious in this Chapter?

7. What have you learnt from this chapter?

8. What was said in the sermon that made an impact on you? How did you feel about what was said? How will this change anything about your life?

Series: 1 Samuel (2014)

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