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Places of worship to remain open in new lockdown

Boris Johnson has this evening (Monday) announced a new national lockdown in England. Parliament will vote later this week to make it law that people must stay at home unless absolutely necessary and schools will close. One of the few permitted reasons for leaving home will be to attend a place of worship.

At Christ Church we have really valued meeting in person (albeit in a limited way). We are therefore so thankful to God that the government has given the freedom to churches to remain open for public worship for the time being. Mayflower Playgroup will also be remaining open.

It seems that the government recognises that Christian churches provide vital spiritual support to their congregations but they have also seen that Churches have been carefully organising their meetings in accordance with government guidance.

We may have our own personal views on whether the restrictions are too lenient or too harsh but in God’s providence the government and scientists have judged for us that it is a reasonable risk for churches to meet where it is appropriate and safe to do so. So on balance we believe it reasonable to use the permission to meet in person because of the benefits, and the witness it gives of the importance we place on the gathering.

We will therefore be continuing our in person services complemented by our livestream. These will take place at the Christ Church building.

To read about our Sunday morning meetings use this link

If you want to join one of our physical meetings use this button

We will continue to be scrupulously careful in keeping all the hygiene and social distancing protocols before during and after our meetings and depend on the support of our church congregation in this.

The rollout of the vaccines also appears to be offering hope of a return to some form of normality in a few months. This is something to give thanks for, but as we patiently wait for this to happen, we must make sure that our hope is neither in science or politics, but in our Saviour Jesus, whose birth we have just been celebrating over the Christmas season.

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