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Miracle Baby

Every baby is one in a million: A unique combination of the looks and character of its parents. From the moment of conception this person develops from a tiny cell a tenth of a millimetre big to a complete human body you can hold in your arms.

The journey from tiny cell to baby is breathtaking. Nine weeks after conception the baby can bend his fingers round an object in the palm of his hand. At eleven weeks the foetus can produce complex facial expressions and even smile and suck his thumb. In response to a touch on the sole of his foot he will curl his toes or bend his hips and knees.

By the end of the twelfth week the baby measures almost 90mm and weighs 45g and has all the major organs. By sixteen weeks the heart is pumping 30 litres of blood a day. He can hear everything going on inside the body of the mother and loud noises from outside the uterus such as the slamming of a door or music. Tests using different types of music indicate that the baby even appears to have preferences – rock, pop or classical!

And then that moment comes when the baby says “let me out” and he or she emerges and takes the first breath of fresh air. An amazing process producing a unique person who we should honour and love.

Jesus developed in the womb like every other baby. His senses, his muscles, his brain, his heart all like ours. But there was something even more special about this baby than the unique people born every day. He was no less human but he was more than a human – he was at the same time God with us. It may be hard to believe or understand, but it’s true and life-changing. Jesus was God come to earth on a rescue mission. He really was a miracle birth. His miracle can transform your life. Find out about it this Christmas.

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