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It’s ok – we can still pray

A few weeks ago, in an important test case, Bideford Town Council was banned from having prayers as part of its formal meetings. This weekend, if the Press is correct, that ban has been overridden by a special order written by the government.

That’s alright then!

We can kill unborn babies, consider new ways of breaking up families, idolise wealth and status, and educate our children that life began by chance but at least we can still pray at council meetings.

I did wonder though, assuming that most councils are not majority Christian led, why praying was even on their agenda. Who do they pray to? Do they believe? Doubtless some do, but are there very many?

Perhaps there are more who would like the traditions of our Christian heritage preserved, but without the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ. They would like the church to take its place along with all the other institutions that make up our rich cultural history. Visible but not intrusive.

But even more importantly, it made me reflect on what effect a ban on praying would really have on me as a Christian. Suppose there was a ban that said we could only pray in a church building.

Would I be all that worried?

Would it free up much of my time?

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