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A Masterpiece of Design

The world we live in is looks like it was made by someone amazing.

In one of the bible songs the writer says “The heavens declare the glory of God;the skies proclaim the work of his hands.(Psalm 19:1)


Like an intricate painting it shows signs of painstaking attention to detail and eye-catching colours and shapes.

Like an ingenious monument it shows great engineering design and building.

Like a fascinating sculpture it shows purposeful creative flair.

But as with all works of art, we can admire them, but to really understand them we need to talk to the painter, the designer or the sculptor.

To read the Bible is to hear the author speaking about the purpose and meaning of God’s design.

Not knowing why someone made something beautiful is not essential for you to enjoy it, but when it comes to living in this world and enjoying it as God intended we need to know what the author of life says or we will mess things up badly.

If you’re not someone who’d call themselves a Christian the world is a work of art calling you to enquire – who made this?

If you are a Christian, you might interpret the Bible by looking first at science and making the Bible fit the science. Far better to look at the bible first and interpret creation in the light on what God says.

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