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Vote and pray

In the wind and rain of a dull Mid Sussex morning I have just been to cast my vote.

I would warmly encourage all Christians across the United Kingdom to do the same. I would almost go as far as to say that it is part of our submission and respect for those in authority that we do so.

Here are some objections I’ve heard against voting today and some very brief responses which i trust might be helpful:

From a Christian perspective all the parties are as bad as one another

I think you can demonstrate that each of the parties have different policies on major issues which we can examine. Views on the nation state and how we relate to other nations, about wealth creation and wealth distribution, concerning how best to care for the vulnerable and the environment, all of which we can examine. We may differ as Christians on whether Brexit is a good and democratic decision that has been made and should be implemented but having made our decision, this will rightly influence how we vote.

On social policy such as support for marriage, abortion and equality there is much to sadden us but there are differences between the parties which we need to look into and weigh up.

My vote doesn’t count here

Well there’s the obvious point, that this is rather selfish and relies on everyone else doing the work for you, because if everybody said that and didn’t vote then the voting system wouldn’t work at all and there would be no “safe seats”. But apart from that, there is something noble and right in just being able to place your vote to register support and to become part of the overall statistics. Even if you’re not part of the winning team you are supporting the process.

I can’t make up my mind

We might find decision making difficult or we might just feel we don’t know enough to decide. I think all of us, including a number of politicians fail to understand a lot of the detail of policies. But I think with what we know and as we pray for God’s wisdom it is possible to place your vote even if it’s based on one major issue that you think it’s important or on your observations of the character or the priorities of a leader or a party.

So go vote if you haven’t already, and pray for our nation to be led well for the glory of God and for peace and freedom to continue preaching the gospel.

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