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Thought for the Day – Don’t waste coronavirus

John Piper famously wrote a book called Don’t waste your life and when he had cancer he wrote a short tract entitled Don’t waste your cancer.

So I am taking the title and adapting it don’t waste Coronavirus.

For all of us life is different. Stuck at home ,for some with more time, for others having to adjust to working at home and extra pressure. For others learning to home-school. All of us confined.

God often allows such times as these to slow us down, to humble us, to cause us to reflect on our hearts, and our responses, our relationship with Him.

Often in such times because it is different, the attitudes of our hearts and its response are revealed in particular ways. Suddenly I am seeing I am not as kind, patience, generous, gentle, self-less as I thought I was. Because previously I have not had to learn patience, for I am the boss in my workplace and everyone does as I ask, when I ask. Or I am on team with agreed boundaries we all respond within 24 hours.

But now I am having to do things very differently. Working for home, with new technology, that I am finding frustrating, slowing me down. I am becoming impatience with others who are not getting back to me quick enough. Or I am not being kind, becoming judgemental – why are they not responding, they are lazy!

Or if I am having to home-school finding myself not patience with my children,, not kind or gentle. Maybe it is exposing my fears of what they think of me!

Now in these situations, in this new pressure cooker things are being revealed.

New sinful response that I have not had to confront before exposed. Or old fault lines being brought right to the forefront of my thinking.

Don’t waste it, Don’t waste these revelations. The Lord has brought these things to bear for a reason. My impatience, my unkindness, my envy, my anger, my joylessness is the fruit of my heart- Jesus says in Luke 6. That something other than loving God, loving others has captured it.

Why am I impatience – with working at home and it taking longer. Maybe because I want to finish to enjoy my free time, comfort has gripped my heart. Maybe I am envious that others are not having to work and I am, because I want to enjoy family, relax, do nothing. Comfort, pride, sense of entitlement has gripped my heart. Maybe it is pride – I must look efficient to my colleagues, maintain high standards, not look foolish regarding technology.

OR if I am home-schooling, why am I impatience with my children, because I want to get what I need done. More concerned for me than them. Or I don’t want to let down colleagues. Maybe I am fearful that my kids will see I am no good at maths! Maybe I feel entitled this is not my job.

But slowing down and asking, what is it I want, what is it I love or longing for here, or desire here more than God, more than loving others exposes my idols! That which I love more than God.

The Lord is bringing these things to bear for a reason. for me to deal with them,  for me to model repentance and faith, to deepen my relationship with Jesus, to know more of his help and grace. James 4v6 says God gives MORE grace. As our sins and hearts are exposed, these are opportunities to know more of His grace, his kindness, His forgiveness in a  deeper way, His patience, His love, His help, His transforming power in your life to become more like Jesus.

To be more patience, kind, gentle, generous, selfless in all areas of life, in all circumstances.

Don’t waste Coronavirus. Allow the Lord to search you, to expose areas of change in you. Reflect prayerfully, thoughtfully and know the comfort of the gospel, that we are forgiven because of Jesus. The Greatest demonstration of His grace, that then leads to what James calls 3:13 a beautiful life in the ESV or a good life in the NIV.

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