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Thought for the Day – The Lord is on the Throne

I have a friend who, when asked what his week was like, however bad it might have been will frequently answer ‘the Lord is still on His throne’! This answer can serve as a simple reminder that the Lord is on the throne, it can be a challenge – does the way I have dealt with situations this week reflect my belief that the Lord is on the throne? And it can be an encouragement – whatever else has happened, however much worse a situation has become, the Lord is on the throne. What does it mean that the Lord is on the throne? It’s another way of saying He is sovereign over everything – He’s in control; nothing has happened without his say so. Everything that is taking place is ultimately for His own glory.

I finally reached Revelation in my read the bible in a year plan this week and read chapter 4, here we see a picture of who it is that is on the throne and what our response should be to Him. We read that day and night the four creatures surrounding the throne never stop saying how holy the eternal Lord God Almighty is. Then we read of how the 24 elders surrounding the throne seem to be constantly worshipping the Lord acknowledging His worthiness to receive glory, honour and power because He created all things. In chapter 5 we read of the Lamb, Jesus, being with God in the centre of the throne room. We read of the creatures and the elders and the angels and every created being all agreeing that Jesus is worthy to receive praise and honour and glory and power because of what he accomplished at the cross through His blood.

So yes, things aren’t ideal at the moment, things aren’t what we’re used to, it may seem like no one knows what is going to happen, but the Lord is on the throne. The one who created everything, including us and is currently sustaining us is worthy of our praise. Perhaps you’re less well off in some way as a result of the lock down – you’ve lost precious time, you’ve lost income. But you haven’t lost your salvation – Jesus is right there with the Lord on the throne and he is worthy to receive our praise because of His work at the cross.

So next time someone asks you how your week is going, try it – remind, challenge and encourage yourself and the person you’re talking to that the Lord is on the throne and that He will always be worthy of our praise.

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