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Thought for the day – Honesty is such a lonely word

The aim of my brief thoughts from the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament is to stimulate you to read the book for yourself and perhaps re-listen to our recent sermon series in the book. The one that includes the verses I have used today was preached on 10th November 2019 by Mark Ventham and the link is below.

Jeremiah 5 vs. 1 – 4.

Go up and down the streets of Jerusalem, look around and consider, search through her squares. If you can find but one person who deals honestly and seeks the truth, I will forgive this city. Although they say, “As surely as the Lord lives,” still they are swearing falsely.’ Lord, do not your eyes look for truth? You struck them, but they felt no pain; you crushed them but they refused correction. They made their faces harder than stone and refused to repent. I thought, ‘These are only the poor; they are foolish, for they do not know the way of the Lord, the requirements of their God.….

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