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Thought for the Day – Colossians 4

Colossians 5 verse 4 says “be wise in the way you act towards outsiders make the most of every opportunity”.

These are days of opportunity for us as Christians and we need to be wise

Share Your Faith

It’s a time of opportunity to share your faith. People are confused, people are frightened, people are facing the reality of suffering and death in ways we have really never experienced in western society for a very long time. So there is opportunity to bring words of comfort, words of peace, but particularly to bring words of gospel hope. Not just saying to people “we love you and we care for you and we’re there for you”, but actually saying there is hope beyond suffering, beyond the grave There is hope that makes sense of what we’re going through but deliverance through what we’re going through. There is a resurrected Jesus Christ who is on the throne and he is in charge of everything and he can grant us eternal life. In so many ways, in small conversations, not just one great blast at people there are ways that we can witness through this time

So there’s options to share our faith in that way, but also to share our faith in talking to people about what their needs are, about their concerns and fears and seeking to help them in whatever way that we can. We share our faith in telling the gospel and in demonstrating the gospel as we live it out

Test Your Faith

This is also such a great time to test our own faith. These are very challenging days where some of the idols that perhaps we have started to worship – the idols of control and comfort of economic prosperity and well-being, the idols of leisure, of family… these are being torn down in front of our very eyes. We have said only hope is in Christ but we’re just beginning to wonder now whether our comfort was actually coming from something else. This crisis is driving us back to Christ and helping us to test our faith

Grow Your Faith

This is also a great time when we can grow as Christians. We see our idols and want to repent and make changes. We can grow as we make good use of the time we have at home to study and to pray together as families to recover some of those spiritual disciplines that we’ve lost So brothers and sisters, let’s take this time as a time to share our faith as a time to test our faith and as a time to grow in faith

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