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Tech smarts

Many of us will be using our mobile devices throughout the day for many good purposes- statistically you are more likely to be reading this blog on your phone right now. Thank-you!

I recently attended a lunchtime seminar with Crosslands Forum about how we interact with technology.

There were some some useful questions posed at the end which I thought were worth sharing:

1. Does my use of technology express my freedom as a new covenant Christian? Does it help me turn away from sin, or am I being enslaved by passions and pleasures? Am I addicted to porn, to gossip or to the seemingly innocent pleasure of that dopamine hit when someone likes something we post. Can I put it down? It’s a searching question for me.

2. Is my use of technology driven by a God-given, Christ-centred purpose, or am I letting my purposes be shaped by my tech? Am I using the tech because I have something good to do with, or is it beckoning me to do something that when I genuinely stand back from it, it basically a waste of my time?

3. Could someone learn something about the wisdom and character of God and the order of creation through observing or benefitting from my use of technology?

4. Does my use of technology promote love for God and love for others, such that my relationships with God and neighbour are deepened because of it?

5. Does my use of technology demonstrate that I am living for the world to come, or that I am seeking satisfaction and meaning from this world alone?


Be aware of what you are giving your attention to

Make your tools enjoyable, sociable, friendly and companionable – not isolating and unsociable

Choose to do limiting activities – your intentions for self control might need a bit of help

And whatever you look at… read slowly

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