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Tech Addicts

Interesting BBC report. Most of this is well known but it’s useful to be reminded of the way our technology is intentionally designed to addict us to using it.

We don’t need to stop using it, but I think it’s always useful to stop and think. Ask yourself – is this device starting to control me, is it changing my habits in a way that is destructive to my Christian life? For example, if I am in a Christian meeting and I cannot go an hour without checking my phone, am I happy with that?


I meet up with my friends and we spend most of the time giving our attention to our phones rather than them? Is that good for them or for me? Being wise to what our technology is designed to do helps us ‘take back control.’

I will write something shortly on some suggestions for the way we use our mobiles and tablets but in the meantime I would love to hear yours.


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