The Secret of Contentment

Graham Nicholls

Paul has learnt a secret. He can enjoy both luxury and poverty and still somehow be contented with that. How does he do it? Where does the strength come from? Does he have inner peace through meditation or is he just a pretty laid back guy? Or is there something more?

To listen to Graham Nicholls preaching from Philippians 4:10 to 20 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 8th December 2013 use the link below.

The main questions for Community Groups are below:

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1. Was there anything you didn’t understand about the meaning of the bible text or about the way it was applied to the Christian life?

2. What was said in the sermon that made an impact on you? How did you feel about what was said?

3. What prompts Paul to talk about his contentment?

4. How can Paul be “content in any and every situation”

5. What do you do to encourage contentment in yourself and others?

6. What could you do to develop a habit of generosity?

7. How can you talk about your life in a way that encourages others to be contented?

8. Do your shopping habits indicate anything about your level of contentment? Do yours need to change?


Series: One Off

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