The Lord is merciful (1 Samuel 7:2 to 17)

Les White

The whole nation seek the Lord – it’s a kind of revival. What does that look like and what can we learn?

To listen to Les White preaching from 1 Samuel 7 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 28th July 2013 use the link below.

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Below are the questions for community groups

1. Was there anything you didn’t understand about the meaning of the bible text or about the way it was applied to the Christian life?

2. What do you think are the main themes running through 1 Samuel so far?

3. How does this fit with the national mourning and seeking after the Lord described in verse 2?

4. Why do you think the Holy Spirit moved the writer of 1 Samuel to include the first part of verse 2 (20 year period)?

5. What do we learn from Samuel’s reality check on a the wholehearted return to the Lord i.e. the putting away of foreign gods and the Ashtaroth

6. What do you think a ‘coming of God’ in revival would mean in our day/situation?

7. How do you react to Discipline as well as Deliverance being in view at Ebenezer?

8. Memorials in the Bible are always designed to bring to mind God gracious past dealings with his people as an encouragement to them continuing to trust and follow him. What would be on your personal ‘memorial’ list?[/box]

Series: 1 Samuel (2013)

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