The church and older people: The challenge and the opportunity

Roger Hitchings

There are now more people aged over 65 in the UK than those under 16. With some exceptions, society tends to value the younger over the older and though the Bible teaches that older people are to be
viewed as of great value and bearing particular dignity, the church does not always reflect this. It is important that we think through the challenges and opportunities we face as a church to ensure we
reach out effectively to older people, care appropriately for them and use their wisdom.

To listen to Roger Hitchings speaking at Christ Church on Sunday evening, 29th April 2012, use the player above..

Roger is the pastor of East Leake Evangelical Church, South Nottinghamshire.
He is the former Director of Age Concern, Birmingham, a trustee of the charity Pilgrim Homes
and author of books and articles on Dementia and Care of the Elderly.

A copy of the Slides and Notes will be available for download soon.

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