Tarnish on the crown (1 Samuel 13:1 to 22)

Mark Ventham

Saul’s reign starts to unravel. Not because he loses political control but rather that he loses his trust in God and keeping His law.

To listen to Mark Ventham preaching from 1 Samuel 8 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 1st September 2013 use the link below.

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Below are the questions for community groups

1. Why do the people begin to doubt the promises of God detailed in Ch 12 and the covenant?

2. Why do begin to doubt God’s word, promises? What in God’s word do we find ourselves doubting first?

3. How does Saul disobey and what reasons does he give?

4. Are our explanations as to why we did not do God’s will ever adequate?

5. For Saul being religious was more important than relational? How do we find ourselves being like this, when are we most like this? Do the words of Jesus in the last sentence of Matthew 23:23 put this into proper perspective?

6. What is the greatest consequence of Saul’s actions?

7. How might this consequence come to bear on us? Do you think we value sufficiently our constant access to the word of God? Why, why not?

8. What would it look like for us to be faced with hopelessness? What were the glimmers of hope for Israel? Why are they such great glimmers for us? How does having a King after God’s own heart give us hope?

9. What was said in the sermon/ tonight that made an impact on you? How did you feel about what was said? What are you going to do? [/box]

Series: 1 Samuel (2013)

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