Grace (Ephesians 2:8 to 10)

Graham Nicholls

Grace is about a gift, I did not earn, the gift of the Lord Jesus Christ who saves me and calls me to live a new life of service

To listen to Graham Nicholls speaking at our All-Age Service at Christ Church on Sunday morning 12th January 2014 use the link below.

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1. Was there anything you didn’t understand about the meaning of the bible text or about the way it was applied to the Christian life that you’d like to raise?

2. Why don’t we deserve God’s mercy? Can you see that from what Pauls says at the beginning of Chapter 2 of Ephesians? How do you feel about the fact that by nature we are objects of God’s wrath?

3. What turns us from objects of wrath to objects of God’s mercy? How does this make us feel?

4. How does the grace of God save us?

5. How would you explain the grace of God to a non-Christian?

6. How does it help me to reflect on the grace of God in sending Christ?

7. What’s the connection between grace and what I do to serve God?

Series: AllAge (2014)

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