Christ’s Church…praising God together

Graham Nicholls

The Bible is full of praise to God. We need to speak in praise of God – to the Christian family and to anyone else who may be willing to listen. We also can praise God together in our singing. As we praise God, we are teaching each other truth about God. This can sometimes be a divisive issue and we need to maintain the perspective that the main thing is heartfelt worship to God, not whether we particularly like the songs or style. We need to reflect and sometimes comment to each other about this but always in love. We are aiming to have songs with good theological content and contemporary style but with including traditional hymns as part of our Christian heritage.

To listen to Graham Nicholls preaching from Col 3:16 and other texts at Christ Church on Sunday morning 29th July 2012 use the player above..

Series: The Church (2012)

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