Balancing work, family, church & leisure

“I am so busy working I don’t ever see my family. Should I get a different job?

“He spends too much time playing golf or meeting with friends. It’s wrong that I never get to properly talk with him. Am I being unreasonable?”

“There is so much to do at church and I really want to help, but I feel like my family suffers. What should I do?

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“My priority is the family, everything else comes second. My children will never be able to say they were neglected or missed out on anything because of my faith.”

“I just want to chill out and relax. I deserve it. What’s the problem?”

I wonder if you see yourselves in any of those comments.

What does Biblical wisdom teach us about our priorities and how to balance things that compete for our time and attention?

To listen to our TalkBack session led by Graham Nicholls at Christ Church on Sunday evening 27th January 2013 use the player above..

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