Antidote to Error (Colossians 2:6 to 15)

Nick McQuaker

Paul wants to protect the young Christians at Colossae from being taken captive by false teaching. The false teachers probably offered spiritual fullness and freedom. Paul teaches the Colossians that in Christ they already have all the spiritual fullness that it is possible to have in this life. He teaches that when we became Christians, we were given a new identity, purified and brought into God’s family, raised from the dead, set free from accusation and set free from the forces of evil. So we need to understand these realities and keep connected to Christ and walking in him.

To listen to Nick McQuaker preaching from Colossians 2:6 to 15 at Christ Church on Sunday morning 7th April 2013 use the link below.

Series: Colossians (2013)

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