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Re-making a broken world by Christopher Ash

When I saw this book, if I am honest I thought not another bible overview. What could be possibly said that is not already in a book on a bible overview. So I begun to read it with little enthusiasm. However that soon changed. For although this is another bible overview, it really isn’t just another bible overview.

Its aim is not just to inform us of the big picture of scripture but as Christopher Ash writes on the first page. “ I want to persuade you, by a grand sweep through the whole bible, that to belong in a committed and relational way to an ordinary local church may be the most significant thing you do with your life. And so this book seeks to offer an alternative bible overview – to show a fresh camera angle on the bible story, one that brings the local church into sharp focus. One that focuses on the themes of scattering and gathering. Scattering as a sign of God’s judgment, Gathering as a sign of God’s rescue. Particular in the end the gathering of God’s people in local church.

So this book would be a very helpful read for all – to see these twin themes of scattering and gathering throughout scripture. But it would be particular helpful to someone who has never done a bible overview as well as the person whose heart is looking to understand the wonder and the beauty of the local church. So if your heart on a Sunday looks round and just thinks why I am here, what is so good about the local church then this book is for you. If you want to be reminded why local church is so important and in Ash’s word by being a committed member the most significant thing you could do with your life – read this book. In fact all of us should read this book, so that not only are we reminded afresh of God’s great redeeming story in a fresh way BUT also so that our hearts are rekindled to the wonder of local church.

And if you anything like me and your heart sunk when I said bible overview buy this book and be surprised. It is very well written and it will do you good.

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