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Re-ignite your passion for Community Groups

Community Groups, one of the core meetings of the church, re-start tomorrow, Tuesday 13th October

Here are some reasons why you should be enthusiastically attending yours:



1. Alongside our Sunday gatherings, Community Groups are a primary focus of church community life for discipleship, prayer, pastoral care and local community service and outreach. It’s a time when we can express our family connections – to rejoice and mourn together; to bear one another’s burdens; to encourage one another in the Lord and to pray for and with each other. We share in common our connection to Christ but we are also joined to one another in this particular church and Community Groups are one of the ways to love one another and strengthen those fellowship links. This is becoming increasingly important as the church grows

2. It’s a great way to ground the Sunday morning preaching in the practicalities of our everyday life and to help us learn together what God is teaching us all through his word.

3. We can unite in prayer about people and situations – to hear about worries and concerns but also about gospel opportunities and then pray into each others’ lives.

It’s also worth saying that it’s much less daunting to pray out loud amongst this smaller group.

4. You can be such an encouragement to your brothers and sisters in Christ just by your presence but especially as you talk about following Jesus and speak to truth in love to one another.

5. It is a real opportunity to build friendships inside and outside the Christian community. We want to live such good public Christian lives, in community that we provoke questions and prompt conversations. We know this is happening all the time but we also need to plan to do things together with the intention of making and teaching disciples and demonstrating the love of Christ to the world.

I warmly encourage you to consider whether you will make these meetings and important priority for your week.

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